The Art of Earning: How to Generate Revenue (Even When You Are In a Slump)

Do you want to make more money but your efforts to generate more haven’t been working? Are you having a hard time breaking through the earning plateau that you’ve been in for awhile? In this interview you will learn empowering tips and tools to jumpstart your money-making ability. Earning money can be fun and easy and Tara’s here to show you how to take your earning to the next level.

Tara Gentile

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • How to break through mental beliefs around money that may be holding you back from earning more
  • Discover key factors to help you earn and grow your service-based pet business
  • Learn tangible steps that pet business owners can take to begin to take now to begin earning more
  • The main secret to the “art of earning”
  • How to get your confidence back while in a business slump so you can move powerfully forward
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Tara is pure delight. She’s articulate and whip smart. I really enjoyed interviewing her. It was especially fun and revealing to talk about the mental beliefs that can hold us back around money and how to break through those outdated and negative mental beliefs.

If you are struggling with money, or if you’ve found yourself reaching an "earnings ceiling", this interview can help you move through what stands in the way of your earning potential and help take your business to the next level of financial abundance. You deserve to make money (lots of it!) so if you want more be sure to watch this interview!

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From Oct 30th at 10am PDT until 10am PDT on Oct 31st.

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Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is the founder of CoCommercial, a digital small business community for entrepreneurs serious about making money, impacting their communities, and transforming the lives of those they love. She’s also the host of Profit. Power. Pursuit., a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of successful small businesses. Entrepreneur named it one of 24 top women-hosted podcasts for business owners.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply October 30, 2017

    Hi pet business owners,

    If you’d like to post a comment without logging in to Facebook you can post down here. Would love to hear the insights you gained and what takeaways you got after watching and listening to this interview. Hope you enjoyed it!


  • Christi Moore

    Reply Reply October 30, 2017

    Aloha Kristin & Tara,
    I love the stress on promoting the value of our service. And asking self, “what do I need to enable me to keep providing my great services to clients?” Depending on the personality of a client who is balking at my prices, I may remind them, nicely, of what they pay their electrician or plumber for 1 to 2 hours of their labor, and how I I have the lives of their pets in my hands as well as the state of their home, not just plumbing or electrical things? I know I’m worth more, the trick is to educate/convince clients of that.
    I have to change my mindset to market to potential clients who have a real need for my services, rather than whoever I can get which is often those who have workarounds (family, friends, neighbors, who will do minimal care for free).
    I guess I have to say my best role models are NAPPS pet sitters, in general as well as the few I’ve made closer side relationships with via email or phone.
    Blocking work time unfortunately doesn’t really work for pet sitters. You have to work at the times of days that the clients want pet care. It isn’t a 9-5 job, LOL at least not in a rural area. My day, some times of year, for 3 weeks is up at 4:30a, take care of my animals then get to my first pet sit by 5:30a, multiple visits throughout day, in addition to managing repair and maintenance people at my home, or tasks in my office (like viewing PPB videos, wink wink), with my last pet visit at 10pm. I crawl home and hit bed at 11p, up again 4:30 next morning. If I don’t, I lose those clients. They want ME, but they gotta have what they gotta have and if I can’t be there at the times they need, they gotta go elsewhere.
    Anyway, great pointers from Tara, I will definitely work on my mindset and marketing and such with those in mind. Thank you for another great video.

  • Nannette Morgan

    Reply Reply October 30, 2017

    This was really good. I liked Tara’s emphasis on the trade of money for our services as being equal (I’m a certified dog trainer and behavior consultant). I think sometimes I feel that I need to add on “service or packages” instead of realizing that my years of training, additional certifications, seminars etc etc are a real “value added” thing for clients!

    Thanks for another great interview 😉

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