How To Thrive In Your Pet Business (and In Your Life)

A lot of pet business owners are struggling with various aspects of their pet business. They want to thrive in business but don’t know how. This episode gives you a taste of what thriving can look and feel like in your pet business. If you are a pet business owner who wants to learn about the inner workings of some non-traditional methods of business building, you’ll want to watch this segment!

Kristin Morrison

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • How to put the pieces together to make the business work in a congruent way
  • Why selling your service or taking actions to uplevel your business probably won’t work if you aren’t doing this one action
  • How to take in positive and negative feedback from clients (it’s probably not what you might think)
  • Some of the hardest issues facing pet business owners today and what to do about those issues
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Come join us: grab your tea, coffee or adult beverage (depending upon what time of day it is) and get comfy in your favorite chair or sofa. Alicia is one of my dearest friends and I’m grateful for her taking the time out of her busy schedule to interview me for this segment. (Thanks, Alicia!) I really enjoyed her questions especially because I didn’t know what questions she would ask me - it was fun to be surprised.

The conference videos have a 24-hour expiration but Kristin’s video is available for unlimited viewing. Enjoy!


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Kristin Morrison

Kristin Morrison is the founder and host of the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference. She has coached thousands of pet business owners from around the world and is a nationally recognized pet business conference speaker. Kristin is the the creator of 50+ empowering pet business products for pet sitters, dog walkers, pet groomers and dog trainers. Kristin is the author of three books: Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews With The Experts - Volume One, Six-Figure Pet Sitting and Six-Figure Pet Business and she is also the founder of Six-Figure Pet Business Academy and Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy. Her podcast, Prosperous Pet Business, is available on iTunes and on the Prosperous Pet Business website. Kristin enjoys making business easy, fun and (very!) lucrative for pet business owners.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply September 22, 2018

    Hi pet business owners,

    What insights did you gain as a result of watching this?

    What helps YOU thrive in your pet business?

    I’d love to know. Please feel free to post down here. 🙂


  • Ana Kemp

    Reply Reply September 22, 2018

    Thank you Kristin for sharing your story — your wisdom! You remind me of Dagny in Atlas Shrugged — especially when you traveled to heal from burnout. ❤? More power to you?

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