Visual Goal Setting For Pet Business Success

Do you set goals for your business each year? What about life goals?  Setting clear goals for your business and personal life is one of the most important actions you can take as a business owner. Goal setting keeps you on track all year long (especially if you have your goal list where you can see it each day). In this invigorating segment, graphic artist Paula demonstrates the power of written goals combined with images. You won’t want to miss this! You are in for a treat.

Paula Hansen

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • Why goal setting is crucial for pet business success
  • The best way to set goals so your right and left brain get inspired and motivated
  • How visual imagery plays into goal setting and why it’s so powerful
  • Tangible tips for empowering goal setting so you can start setting goals now
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Every five years I work with a graphic artist to help me create a large “mind map” for my office wall. The mind map contains words and images of the goals, dreams and visions that I’d like to accomplish in my life and business over the next 5-year period. A few months ago I posted a picture of part of my mind map and shared about the mind mapping process on Facebook. I got so many responses! Many of you wanted to know how and why I did this goal setting process every 5 years. I knew I wanted to share Paula with you (the graphic artist who helps create my mind maps). I’m so excited for you to meet her through this segment and especially for you to get a taste of her amazing work from the graphic art you’ll see her demonstrate during her interview.

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From Oct 19th at 10am PDT until 10am PDT on Oct 20th.

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Paula Hansen

As a graphic facilitator and visual coach, Paula helps individuals and groups get clear about their vision and message and express it visually. She has over fifteen years of experience working with a range of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups and non-profits. Paula has an MFA in Painting and is a certified Life Coach and has studied psychology and group process in a range of settings.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply October 19, 2017

    Hi, pet business owners!

    Want to leave a comment but you don’t want to log in to Facebook? Down here is the place to do that. 🙂

    I would love to hear what insights you received from today’s interview with Paula Hansen and/or what you enjoyed most about watching this segment. What are you business and life goals for 2018? Please share, I’d love to know.


  • Kristinne

    Reply Reply October 19, 2017

    Thank you so much for this. I really enjoyed Paula. I am nearing retirement and having a vision chart really puts things into perspective and will stop all those numerous scary thoughts. I’m looking forward to working on this. It will help me look forward to retirement instead of dreading it.

  • Christi Moore

    Reply Reply October 19, 2017

    Aloha Kristin and Fellow Pet Sitters.
    Paula’s video is inspiring. I particularly like the Imagery suggestion. I’ve applied that technique to catching/haltering a particularly hard to catch horse I petsit often and it usually works. I see her in my mind as readily slipping her nose into the offered halter, standing quietly while I fasten it, then us standing quietly together (no nervousness in her eyes) with halter fully on. I shall use that technique to visualize my end goals for this year, and each year after.
    The vision chart will help keep those imageries forward in my mind.

    My biggest challenge–besides finances and energy–is that for many years I have had too many unavoidable unrelated Priority One goals. Fortunately, some of those have been accomplished and are off my plate. But I still have more left than there is time/energy/money to accomplish in the foreseeable future. So I end up having to Round-Robin on each.

    Every time a “plan” falls through, I pick myself up, brush myself off, and say, “Ok, that didn’t work so well, let’s try Plan……B, C, D, E,….., LOL” But I ain’t gittin’ any younger, folks, LOL. I can’t be the only human on the planet with this dilemma.

    So, my QUESTION is how do some of YOU make progress on multiple goals when each is unavoidable (you have to work 2 jobs to survive–pet sitting and a PT job, you have to do your complex taxes, you have to take care of your kids–be they human or critter kids–you have to maintain your vehicles and home inside and out including major repairs, and you have to do some extensive training/schooling to move ahead on a goal or two). You are alone (no built-in help at home or on job), you have ZERO money (so can’t hire things done to free up your time), and you obviously can’t shirk the duties of the remaining three I listed here. Add to that you are old and not in the best of health (what I could do at age 30 I simply can’t do now over 60). How do I set up my vision chart to handle all of that. I don’t have 20 or 30 years ahead of me to accomplish them. But I’d sure like to accomplish them, cause I’m not a whiner or a quitter, I am DETERMINED to do all my goals.

    I will definitely use the imagery and vision chart techniques to keep me going, but if anyone in similar situation has other suggestions, I’m all ears. You can email me at pawsnponies@gmail.com.

    Thanks Kristin for another inspiring video. Can’t wait for tomorrow to see what’s next, LOL!

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