How Practicing Mindfulness Can Help You In Your Pet Business And Change Your Life

Mindfulness is a practice that many big corporations are using today because they see the value it can bring to their employees and their organizations. Mark Coleman has taught Google’s mindfulness program and in this segment he shares empowering tips and tools that you can use in your own business and life to become more present, relaxed and get more done in less time. (Doesn’t that sound great?) If you are grappling with your list of to dos and feel like you don’t have time to sit still and take a breather, you’ll especially want to watch this segment. It’s empowering, enlivening and you will walk away with mindfulness tools you can use right here and now. (And there’s even a short meditation at the end of this episode.)  Please note that the sound is a bit scratchy on this video and we encourage you to watch and listen in spite of that because Mark has so many words of wisdom and you don't want to miss any of them.

Mark Coleman

In This Segment You’ll Learn:

  • How to take mindfulness from a “hip” buzzword to a powerful and empowering practice
  • Discover how mindfulness can help you lower stress and enjoy your life more (not to mention your business!)
  • Learn about the many benefits that mindfulness can offer pet business owners
  • How to easily meditate even if you are someone who says they have tried it and can’t meditate
  • How even 3 minutes of mindfulness can take you to a happy, relaxed place
  • And more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

I had heard really good things about Mark for years so I was really excited about finally meeting him to do this interview. In addition to his many other jobs, he’s also a meditation teacher at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, which is pretty close to where I live in California. I wasn’t disappointed! He explains mindfulness and meditation and their benefits in business and life in a way that has inspired me to start up my daily meditation practice. It’s time to get your inner om on. I felt calmer after doing this interview and I hope, if you are feeling agitated or experiencing stress in your life or business, that you experience calm from watching it. So… sit back, relax, be present, breathe and enjoy this interview with this man.

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Mark ColemanMark Coleman

Mark Coleman is the founder of The Mindfulness Institute, President of the TMI Board of Directors, and Co-Director of the Mindfulness Training Institute.

Mark is a master trainer for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, developed at Google that delivers mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs to tech companies.

Mark leads meditation retreats in nature from Alaska to Peru and he’s written the book Awake in the Wild – Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self Discovery.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply October 8, 2016

    Hi, conference attendees! If you are not on Facebook you can still contribute to the conversation but writing any insights you got from watching this video down here. I’d love to hear from you! 🙂 ~Kristin

  • Brenda Janner

    Reply Reply October 9, 2016

    This guy is good and his voice is calming which makes it easier to try it. This was a good video!

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