How to Make Healthy Dog Treats For Your Dog (and For Client Gifts!)

If you are like many pet business owners, you are often stumped at what to give your clients during the holidays or for pet birthdays. In this segment, you’ll get a step-by-step kitchen demonstration on dog treats that are healthy, easy and fun to make. You’ll also learn how you as a busy pet business owner can make cooking for yourself an enjoyable, vital and easy experience. Food is the fuel we need to run our businesses in a powerful and positive way. In this segment, you’ll learn how easy and fun it can be to plan healthy human meals as well as create treats your dog (and your clients' dogs!) are sure to love.

Marcie Prohofsky

In This Segment You’ll Learn:

  • The powerful benefits of incorporating a healthy diet for you and your dog
  • An easy and fun way to make homemade dog treats for your own dog or to give as client holiday or pet birthday gifts
  • What challenges get in the way of people eating healthy and how to get past them in order to create a healthier diet
  • Practical tips for busy pet business owners who want to plan meals at the beginning of the week to create ease throughout the workweek
  • How and where to store the homemade dog treats you make so they last longer and are as nutrient-rich as the day you made them
  • And more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Marcie is a vibrant, bright light of a woman (and she has an adorable dog whom you will get to meet in this video). I’ve tasted her food for humans and she’s an incredible cook. The dogs who get her treats are lucky indeed. She’s so passionate about what she does and it’s hard not to be inspired to eat more healthy after watching this episode of her in the kitchen. Bon appetite, humans and doggies!

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Marcie Prohofsky promo shot 2Marcie Prohofsky

Marcie Prohofsky is both a natural foods chef and a confidence coach.

As a coach, she works internationally with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives helping them improve their personal and professional relationships, feel more connected and supported, while launching them towards a deeper sense of life-purpose, presence and vibrancy.

As a chef and educator, her mission is to introduce people to the pleasure and benefits of cooking and eating plant-based foods chosen for increased energy, clarity and healing.

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