The Pet Business Coach Answers Your Business Questions!

Have you ever used a business coach? If not, you’ll get a taste of what working with a coach is like. In this episode, pet business coach Kristin Morrison helps pet business owners navigate real-time challenges that they are currently facing in their business. Whether you are new to the world of pet business or have owned your pet business for years, you’ll gain insight from hearing real problems that pet business owners like you face –and the answers to those problems and challenges! If you are grappling with something intense in your pet business (as a lot of these coaching clients were), don’t worry: there is hope!

Kristin Morrison

In This Segment You’ll Learn:

  • How to handle client requests when you are afraid of certain dog breeds
  • Discover ways to navigate client challenges
  • Best ways to market your pet business in order to grow your client base
  • How to stay active on social media without it taking up all your time
  • When it’s time to get a pet business software system to handle the data management
  • Extras to do for your clients to set your business above the rest
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

I pre-recorded this segment a couple of months ago via Facebook LIVE (so you conference attendees could see me on video answering the questions) as well as on my webinar platform (so I could hear and read the questions being asked from around the world). A couple of times a year I offer these live mini-coaching sessions to the pet business owning community and it’s always an exhilarating experience to open up my phone and chat lines and not know (at all!) what questions will be headed my way during the coaching session. I love it and I hope you enjoy learning from the questions and answers that are contained within this segment. To hear past mini-coaching sessions visit the Prosperous Pet Business Podcast page  or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes 

Kristin Morrison and Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference are offering this video for unlimited viewing. Enjoy!

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Kristin Headshot with Black & White DogKristin Morrison

Kristin Morrison is the founder of Prosperous Pet Business, Six-Figure Pet Sitting Academy and Six-Figure Pet Business Academy. She is the author of the books Prosperous Pet Business: Interviews with the Experts-Volume One and Six-Figure Pet Business and Six-Figure Pet Sitting.

She is also a speaker at pet business conferences around the country as well as a business and life coach for pet business owners. She has a free podcast which is filled with tips and tools for pet business owners. It’s called “Prosperous Pet Business” and you can find it on iTunes and on the website “Prosperous Pet Business dot com”.

Kristin hired over 250 staff members in the course of running her 18-year pet care business. When she sold her business a couple of years ago she had 35 staff members and 5 managers on staff. She’s also created powerful hiring tools like the Pet Sitters Hiring Kit and the Application Packet for Pet Sitters as well as the 52-page Employee Handbook. Kristin knows what works (and what really doesn’t) when it comes to hiring.

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