Crossing the Bridge: Using Compassionate Communication with Your Clients, Staff and Family Members to Create Powerful Results

When tension is present and one person is upset, the natural reaction is to meet that person where they are (in an angry place). Hedy’s life work is all about disarming that natural inclination and bringing the conversation back to connection. This is powerful work (Hedy calls it a “habit of the heart”). When you can master this way of dealing with challenging communication, you can have a meaningful connection with even the most shut down, angry client or stranger.

Hedy Schleifer

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • What “crossing the bridge” is and why it’s so powerful
  • How this bridge process can help you, especially if you are struggling to communicate effectively with your clients and staff
  • How the bridge can (and should) be different when it comes to communicating with friends vs. clients
  • Why this process is likely to disarm the tension that can arise when conflict is present
  • Real-life stories to clearly demonstrate how and why this works
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Hedy is, quite simply, an incredible human being. As I mentioned in my interview with her, my husband Spencer and I attended a couple’s workshop that enriched our life so much that we went back for more a year later! Hedy is pure and utter love. I highly recommend that you watch her TED talk so you can find out more about the amazing person that she is.

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Hedy Schleifer

Hedy Schleifer, MA, LMHC is a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and an internationally known relationship specialist, clinical trainer, workshop presenter and motivational speaker. Teaching in four languages, Hedy travels extensively throughout the world bringing her passion and expertise in the “art of relationships” and “conflict dissolution,” to many settings, spanning the mental health, healthcare, religious, educational and corporate communities. She and her husband Yumi teach people how to create harmonious relationships and results-oriented connections through their transformational workshops for couples and trainings for therapists.

In 2010, Hedy presented at the prestigious TEDxTelAviv Conference, and later that year founded the Tikkun Learning Center to train relationship therapists in Encounter-centered Couples Therapy, the crystallization of her life’s work into the concept of the “three invisible connectors”: the Space, the Bridge, and the Encounter. Hedy believes that world peace begins with the human family, and can best be achieved by creating strong, committed, growing and mature partnerships.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    Hi pet business owners,

    Feel free to post down here if you don’t want to log on to Facebook in order to post above.

    What insights did you get while watching this segment? Are there are any changes you’ll be making in the way you communicate with staff and clients?

    Would love to know what takeaways you received after watching today’s segment! Do let me know. 🙂


  • Gail Moick

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    For me, this was a very helpful video and couldn’t have come at a more perfect time! I am needing to speak with a family member over a problem that has gone on for quite a while without being talked about and resolved. These lessons learned will help me towards repairing the relationship.

    As a side note, I find that looking for the free gifts, which are listed at the end of most speaker presentations, to be very helpful. I used to spend too much time taking notes and in doing so, would miss some of the points the speakers were saying. Now, instead, I look at and print out the short outlines or notes being given to me and use them to follow along with the speakers. Perhaps the “free gifts” should be shown at the top or before the presentation video as some people will not be aware of the gifts until the video is over.

  • Natalie Little

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    Normally I don’t have many conflicts, but now that I am starting my own business and will be dealing with clients, difficult conversations may arise and so it is good to learn how to deal with it. I look forward to seeing the TED talk by Hedy.

  • Christi Moore

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    Aloha All. Thanks again Kristin. Fabulous interview with Hedy. So spot on! Have heard through life how hostility will only fuel more hostility; my own mom taught me: Do you want to be “right”, or do you want to achieve your end goal, the two are often mutually exclusive. Have also read about our electrical energy and how hot and cool energy can interact and change in any encounter and mindfully changing one’s own electrical energy output can change the course of the encounter. Was refreshing to hear/learn Hedy’s perspective and how she broke it all down—great visuals. Sometimes I’ve managed to practice that, sometimes I knee-jerk react. One thing I’ve learned is this process of clearing the space, crossing the bridge, and connecting almost always works, except if the person on the “other side” is mentally ill, then they often don’t process and react in the way Hedy describes (there are people in the world who experience “warm & friendly” as extremely threatening, for whatever reasons in their life experience or chemical balance in brain). The trick in that event is to recognize it quickly and adjust to either change your approach or to just walk away, gracefully exit the encounter before it escalates (remove yourself as a source of fuel, as it were). Darn it if I’m not always quick enough, LOL.

  • Christi Moore

    Reply Reply October 22, 2017

    Aloha Again. Was reading some of the other comments (wonderful comments everyone, thank you!). I have to gently remind people all the time on social media and email to not be so quick to judge harshly or assume a tone in some post or email they’ve read because human communication requires voice inflection, facial expression, and body language to accurately convey anything. Texting and emailing are lacking in those qualities, so those messages cannot be processed accurately by any reader. Always best to assume the best rather than jump to negative conclusions. Seems to be really hard for humans to assume the best first, LOL.

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