Episode 27. Interview with SARK: How to Get the Spark Back In Your Pet Business

On today’s episode, I share about my recent amazing “money miracle” and how you can begin setting the stage to create your own money miracles. This process also works if you need to shift your energy when you feel crabby or overwhelmed by life and work.

And I’m excited to share Sark’s episode with you. Does running your pet business feel like the “same old thing” lately? Do you feel stressed out all the time with the many business tasks you have on your plate? Have you lost the joy and spark that you had when you first started your business? If so, you are not alone.

If you are experiencing a love/hate relationship with your pet business or if you are thinking about throwing in the towel due to stress and overwork, this episode with SARK will be the life raft you and your pet business need. And if you are new to running your business or you are still in love with your pet business, you’ll also want to lap up this episode as it will help you navigate the times in the future when you feel depleted by your business.

Here are the show notes for today’s episode. Come visit me here and write a comment at the bottom of the page if you like: www.prosperouspetbusiness.com/podcast27

Here are some items I discuss in the podcast:

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