Episode 114. How to Hire and Expand Your Pet Business

Mallorie is a pet sitter and dog walker in Dallas, Texas. Her business has grown quickly, and she’d like to expand even more without compromising the quality of care she’s committed to providing her clients. 

She asks me the chicken-or-the-egg question that so many pet business owners ask me: “Should I hire first or advertise to get more clients first?”

You’ll hear my answer in this episode as well as information about how to expand in a way that doesn’t comprise quality, how to hire even if you don’t have any clients for new hires right away, how to grow the business and still make sure clients and staff feel your personal care, how to delegate tasks in a way that will help rather than hurt your business, plus a lot more. 

This episode is filled with important information if you’re thinking of hiring or growing your client base – or both! 

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