Looking to Add Cat Care to Your Pet Business?  Use These Simple Tips To Become More Cat Savvy and To Grow Your Existing Cat Service

Do you care for cats in your pet business (or do you want to care for cats in the future?) In this segment, we bring in a cat behaviorist so you can more skillfully care for all your feline charges no matter what temperament or behavioral issues they may have. The knowledge you’ll learn in this episode will also help you answer the most commonly asked cat behavior questions you're sure to receive from clients in the course of running your pet business. No longer will you be stumped by these questions from your human clients! The answers to your cat care questions are all right here.

*Please Note:  There is a bit of a "hissing" sound at various parts on this recording.  We apologize for that.  This video has so many great tips that hopefully you will be able to get past that and take in the information that is contained in this video.  Thanks for your understanding.

In This Segment You’ll Learn:

  • How to best approach and engage with new cats
  • Signs that a cat may be anxious or unwell
  • How to calm a cat that is stressed out
  • Common cat care issues that arise for pet sitters
  • Best ways to pill a cat so you both have less stress
  • How to best deal with a cat that urinates or sprays in the house
  • And more!

Daniel Quagliozzi

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Wow, there is a lot of valuable feline information packed into this interview! Daniel knows about all things cat. This interview is a must for those who want to add cat care to their pet business or if you have worked with cats for awhile and want even more tools to add to your cat care toolbox. And Daniel’s tattoos are truly something (you’ll get a close up at the end of this interview in addition to the picture above!) 

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DanielDaniel Quagliozzi

Daniel "DQ" Quagliozzi is the cat consultant behind Go Cat Go, San Francisco's leading in-home resource for modern day cat behavior advice. With over 15 years of frontline experience in animal welfare, sheltering and one-on-one behavior counseling, DQ offers cat advice that humans can relate to and apply to their own lives, allowing them to "Live in the Meow" with a better understanding and balance.

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  • Kristin Morrison

    Reply Reply October 1, 2016

    Daniel is a cat knowledge rockstar! And if you are not on Facebook (or don’t feel like logging in to Facebook just to post your comment), you can post one down here. I’d love to hear from you about what your biggest takeaway was as a result of watching this video. ~Kristin

  • Gail

    Reply Reply October 2, 2016

    Had problems getting to this video but thankfully was finally was able to watch it! Have a few tips of my own for shy/anxious cats….I sit down in the room with them and softly read to them so they can smell and hear me and come near me if and when they want. I also try to do the eye blink thing with them if they come out to see me to let them know they can relax and that I am not a threat. To give you an idea of what this is, it is what they do when they are relaxed and seemingly falling asleep. I do an eye blink when they meet your gaze and you very slowly blink your eyes at them over and over, This body language signifies to them that all is okay. If they are accepting of it, they will usually either do it back to you and/or come over to check you out.
    When leaving a cat visit, if they are allowed treats and/or catnip, I place them randomly around the home so they can find them when they are wandering about as a surprise.

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