Go from Confusion and Overwhelm to a Business and Life Reset!

28-Day Business

+ Life Bootcamp

for Badass Women

$147 $97

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All this is possible — and more!

Join other business owners like you who are ready to embrace new opportunities for success and create thriving, fulfilling personal lives — and help you create yours. You’ll do consistent daily actions, experience accountability and receive valuable support from your cohorts during the 28-day program.

$147 $97

October 14, 2023 – November 11, 2023

Mandatory Group Class to Go Over Class Details and Meet Your Badass Cohorts: October 14, 2023 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern

Why is it mandatory? October 14 is the day before the 28-day program starts and it’s when you’ll find out how to do the course and get matched with your teammates. If you can’t attend the October 14 date, you will still receive the course instructions and the class recording but you won’t get matched with a team and have daily accountability.

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***Hurry! The price goes up to $147 at midnight on September 12, 2023.

Who Needs This 28-Day Online Course?

If any of the following ring true for you, the 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women is the perfect solution to help you make the changes you want most for your business and life:

Join the 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women to accomplish (and enjoy!) your life and business more than you thought possible.

If you are ready to transform your business and your life, join me and business owners from around the world, on this satisfying, results-oriented four-week journey to professional and personal fulfillment, balance, and renewed inspiration!

Operating On a “Drained Battery?” This Is Your Jumpstart!

Don’t spend another minute working yourself to the bone and feeling like your personal energy reserves are completely tapped out. It is absolutely possible for you and your business to thrive (at the same time!).

$147 $97
Hurry! Price goes up on midnight September 12, 2023.

The 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women Is For You If:

Transform Your Pet Business and Life from Anywhere In the World

This is a virtual program you can attend FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. You can even attend from your pet sitting, dog training, or dog daycare office!

You’ll give and receive empowering day-to-day support and gain clarity and rediscover what matters most to you – just in time for the holidays!

You’ll connect with business owners of all types, from all over the world. You’ll receive support and accountability that will help you achieve more than you thought was possible in 28 days! You’ll discover how to make time for will give you freedom and enjoyment in your business and life!

Here’s That Giant RESET Button You’ve Been Looking for…

Fall in love with your life and your pet business all over again. This course will bring you on a truly powerful 28-day journey to the fulfilled, balanced life you’ve been craving. Business owners just like you have used this program to reboot their business and personal lives and revitalize their passion and purpose. Now, it’s your turn!

The Five Facets of the 28-Day Program (It Only Requires 33 Minutes a Day!):

$147 $97
Hurry! Price goes up on midnight September 12, 2023.

What Will You Get Out of The 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women?

Discover the Meaningful Business and Life You Deserve

Before you attend the first group session on October 14, you’ll have some questions to answer to gain clarity on where to put your energy in the 28-day program. (This is not a cookie-cutter program - everyone’s focus will likely be different.) After answering the questions prior to October 14, you’ll be prepared to transform your visions and goals from dreams to reality.

After Attending the 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women, You Will:

You’ll spend the next four weeks (with support from Kristin Morrison and like-minded business owners) putting a self-care, financial tracking and earning plan in motion, letting go of limiting beliefs, embracing your personal and professional values, and completing tangible and meaningful tasks each day that move you closer to your most important goals.

28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women – Class Details

What will you learn about yourself and accomplish in the 28-day program? Though each person’s experience may be different, here’s a weekly breakdown of what that might look like for you:

Week 1: Creating A Strong Foundation, Tapping Into Your Vision

Week 2: Release, And Let Go​

Week 3: Tap Into Empowered Energy: Go Get ‘Em, Badass Tiger! (Rawr!)

Week 4: Celebrate the Shifts You’ve Created from Consistent Forward Movement​

Ready to Reset Your Business and Life to Achieve More Ease, Enjoyment, and Professional Growth?

Jumpstart your pet business and your life for just $97 when you sign up before midnight on September 12, 2023.


Here’s where your transformation begins!

Here’s what business owners have said about coaching and programs with Kristin Morrison:

Reserve Your Spot for the 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Badass Women Program Today!

By Claiming Your Spot in This Life-Changing 4-Week Program, You’ll Receive:

Are You Ready to Enjoy Your Business
and Your Life?

Join This 28-Day Online Course!

Go from overwhelm and exhaustion to creating a life you love to live and a business you love to run.

The Five Facets of the 28-Day Program (It Only Requires a Minimum of 33 Minutes a Day!):

Join other like-minded business owners who are ready to transform their businesses and personal lives!

$147 $97
Hurry! Price goes up on midnight September 12, 2023.

Hi pet business owner,

If you’re feeling exhausted and overwhelmed from running your business day after day, and when you do get a little time, you don’t know what to focus on or where to put your energy, I understand.

I’ve been where you are and it’s a painful place to be.

But… there’s hope. Things can get better!

This empowering 28-day bootcamp will help you focus each day on actions that can increase your sense of well-being, connection, clarity and even income!

If you’re tired of feeling drained and depleted and don’t know where to put your focus and attention when it comes to your personal life and business, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW to change things for the better.

You deserve to finally enjoy the truly successful, vibrant life and business you have always wanted to create. Join me and business owners like you on this empowering four-week bootcamp journey to your badass business-owner self!

I look forward to helping you earn more money, create more freedom and financial clarity, and infuse joy in your business and your life when you attend this bootcamp.

Let’s do this. Together.

Get the lowest price ($97) when you register for the 28-Day Business + Life Bootcamp for Bad Ass Women Program before midnight on September 12, 2023.


(Click the question below to see the answer):

Yes, the 28-day bootcamp is online and business owners from all over the world are attending. The only portion of the bootcamp not online is the daily phone call you’ll have with one of your team members each day.

If you or the team member you’re checking in with are outside of your home country, you can simply send each other an email check in by recording a voice memo or schedule a short daily Zoom call to check with each other that way. However, if they are within your country, then you must call them and either check in by leaving them a phone message or check in live if they answer the call. The important part of the check-in calls is that you use your voice to check in, not type a check-in! (As the bootcamp progresses, you’ll understand why this is so helpful and many even find these phone calls comforting even if they usually dislike talking on the phone.)

The bootcamp is only for women, or those who identify as a woman. If that’s you, you’re welcome to attend!

It’s crucial because it’s the date when you’ll find out how to do the bootcamp and you’ll get matched in real time with your cohorts through breakout rooms. For that reason, it’s mandatory that you attend.

Unfortunately that means you’ll be unable to participate in the bootcamp because of the class details being discussed in detail and the cohort matching happening that day.

There are no refunds given nor reschedules available for other bootcamp dates if you’re unable to attend for any reason. Kristin Morrison and her team are working behind the scenes prior to the bootcamp to make sure all runs smoothly for all participants based on how many participants sign up. Changes prior to the bootcamp or during the bootcamp impact the whole group and requires a lot more work for Kristin and her team. For this reason, there are no refunds or date changes made, regardless of the reason.

Please allow up to 2.5 hours in your schedule to attend. It may only be 2 hours but in case the class goes over 2 hours, this way you’ll have it in your calendar.

October 14 is the only mandatory class meeting. There will be three Zoom meetings in total – one is the initial class meeting on October 14 and then there are two optional class dates.

The first optional class date is on October 25 to answer any questions that you may have – exact class time to come; recording will be available for all bootcamp participants).

The second optional class date is a few days after the bootcamp ends (on November 14 – exact class time to come and the recording will be available for all bootcamp participants). This class will announce the bootcamp winners and give you an opportunity to share your bootcamp victories with the larger group, if you wish.

You’ll be sent all the details a few days before the class starts and there’s not much preparation needed! You’ll get all the details you need before the mandatory first class date.

Sure! The five facets of the 28-Day Bootcamp are: 

  • CONNECT: Reach out daily to one of your team members every day and one will also be reaching out to you. Create accountability by speaking your actions to your team members. Give and get support from fellow business owners. (2-5 minutes a day)

  • EARN: Do daily income-producing activities to turn your dream of creating a more profitable business into a reality. (10 minutes a day)

  • TRACK: Get out of financial vagueness by cultivating a powerful habit of daily tracking of income streams and business and personal expenses to create mind-blowing clarity. Discover which income streams are truly profitable for you, what expenses are draining your reserves and where your money is truly going. (10 minutes a day)

  • SELF-CARE: Experience renewal and inner nourishment by including the habit of self-care each day alongside business and personal actions. (10 minutes a day)

  • GIVE: Discover the life-giving energy that comes from taking focus off yourself for a few minutes each day and put it on someone else who can use your support, assistance or care. (1-5 minutes a day)

You’ll want to allow a minimum of 33 minutes a day to complete the 5 of the daily tasks. Some days may take you a little longer, some days less time but on average, 33 minutes a day is what you can expect.

You’ll be matched with 2-4 other people in your cohort group.

It happens automatically with breakout rooms.

No. The matching happens randomly so it’s not likely that you’ll get matched with them, unless by chance. Kristin and her team recommend that you trust the random matching process. You may find the people in your group are not who you would have chosen if you’d had the opportunity to choose your group but often the group members end up being exactly what is needed for each group member! You may not feel that at the beginning of the bootcamp but keep an open mind and heart and see if your perspective about your team members changes during the bootcamp.

Unfortunately, we can’t force your teammates to be committed to the process. It’s rare that this happens but sometimes it does. In this case, your group simply gets smaller. It may mean that your rotation of who you call and who calls you changes but your team captain will reorganize that if need be.

Three requirements (all are quick and easy!) 1) you’ll be responsible for sending out the group email and phone list and organizing who will call who each week, 2) you’ll be responsible for collecting the scores each week before Sunday at 5pm Pacific and emailing it to Kristin and her team, 3) If the team changes for any reason (someone drops out, or otherwise gets rearranged), you’ll need to let your teammates know and give them the updated phone/email list.

There are many benefits if you choose to become a team captain. Some of the benefits include: increasing your leadership skills, knowing the group’s weekly score before anyone else and being able to gently encourage your teammates to get a higher score the following week, an increased capacity to organize and, if needed, delegate. Plus a lot more!

You and your teammates will receive complimentary attendance to the next 28-day bootcamp. (Please note, this will be for the immediate next bootcamp and is non-transferable.)

No. Part of why this is a bootcamp is so empowering and can have a lasting impact is that having a set task to do each day helps harness your commitment and focus. For example, for your self-care action, choosing a self-care action that will make the biggest difference in your life, and have it be one that you’re not currently doing. (For example, if you exercise regularly, you’ll want to choose a self-care action that isn’t exercise, while still continuing your regular exercise habit.)

That being said, the giving task can change in terms of what you do from day to day but the 28-day theme will be you seeing a need and acting on it in a way that will help another. That other person can be someone you already know or a stranger and ideally you’re helping a different person each day.

Whatever will make the biggest difference in your life that you’d like to cultivate as a regular, ongoing self-care habit is a good choice! For example: if you don’t exercise regularly then deciding to go on a daily walk or to yoga or the gym every day could be a great choice! Or, if you’re someone who has a hard time relaxing after work or finds yourself only being able to decompress by watching Netflix, scrolling on your phone or drinking a glass of wine, then choosing a healthier relaxing activity could be a good self-care choice for you. For example: you may want to consider a self-care action like enjoying reading a novel, taking a short nap every afternoon, putting yourself to bed at a certain time every night, drinking a mug of tea while sitting quietly or meditating.

It can be anything you choose!  It could be purchasing a coffee for the person behind you at a coffee shop. It could be asking your sick neighbor if they’d like you to do a grocery run. It could be as simple as letting someone merge into your lane when you’re driving and you’d rather not take the time to let them get in front of you, or it might be calling a friend or family member who is going through a challenging time and could use some compassionate listening. Your gift or act of kindness does not ever need to cost any money! It may be something you decide to do spontaneously, in the moment, as you see a need arise. Whatever you give that is an act of generosity on your part counts and could have a positive impact for the other person, and for you.

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