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We are so glad you are joining us for the conference!  The conference is from October 18 - November 1, 2017.

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Meet the Experts

Wednesday, October 18: Wayne Pacelle
"The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives Of Animals"

Thursday, October 19: Paula Hansen
“Visual Goal Setting For Pet Business Success”

Friday, October 20: Kristin Morrison
“How To Thrive In Your Pet Business (and In Your Life)”

Saturday, October 21: Wayne Muller
“Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in our Busy Lives”

Saturday, October 21: Jeff Bullas
“How Blogging and Email Marketing Can Increase Your Client Base”

Sunday, October 22: Hedy Schleifer
“Crossing the Bridge: Using Compassionate Communication with Your Clients, Staff and Family Members to Create Powerful Results”

Marcie Prohofsky promo shot 2Sunday, October 22: Marcie Prohofsky
“How Busy Pet Business Owners Can Create Healthy and Portable Lunches to Support Optimum Health and Energy

Monday, October 23: Trish Witkowski
“Inexpensive Mail Ideas to Reach Potential Customers (Yes, Snail Mail is Powerful!)”

Monday, October 23: John Jantsch
“How to Create a Powerful Social Media Strategy”

Tuesday, October 24: Ian Dunbar
“Pet Professional Questions: Q and A with Dr. Ian Dunbar”

Wednesday, October 25 - Bonus Video:  Kristin Morrison
"How to Find and Hire the Best Staff Members (and Keep Them For Years To Come)"

Thursday, October 26: John Kinyon
“How to Resolve Conflict with Pet Business Clients and Staff”

victoria stilwell picFriday, October 27: Victoria Stilwell
"How to Effectively Work With Common Challenges That Pet Professionals Face When Working With Pets and Their People"

Saturday, October 28: Marcella Friel
“Build Your Foundation: Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfasts to Busy Pet Business Owners”

Saturday, October 28: Brooke Baggett
“Harnessing the Power of Essential Oils for Yourself and The Pets You Care For”

Sunday, October 29: Deborah Harlow
“Sharing Is Caring: Nurturing Lasting Relationships Through Meaningful Social Media”

Sunday, October 29 - Bonus Video:  Kristin Morrison
"The Pet Business Coach Answers Your Pet Business Questions"

Monday, October 30: Katie Mehas
“How to Write Web Copy That Attracts Ideal Clients”

Monday, October 30: Tara Gentile
“The Art of Earning: How to Generate Revenue (Even When You Are In a Slump)”

Tuesday, October 31: Adam Toporek
“Customer Service Tips to Keep Your Pet Business Clients Happy and Coming Back for More”

Tuesday, October 31: Barry Moltz
“Simple, Effective Ways to Get Unstuck In Your Pet Business”

Andrea ArdenWednesday, November 1: Andrea Arden
“How to Grow Your Pet Business and Your Pet Business Team”

By the way many of our experts are offering FREE gifts, like insider eBooks and tips and tools. (And who doesn’t like free stuff?)

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