VIP Coaching Day in Hawaii or California

If you would like to combine a wonderful vacation along with an empowering day of private 1:1 pet business coaching with me, Kristin Morrison, the VIP Coaching Day is for you! 

In this episode you’ll hear from Karissa, a pet sitting and dog walking business owner from Michigan. 

Karissa combined her very first trip to Hawaii along with a day of coaching with me when she was in Hawaii – and she got to write off a large part of her vacation on her taxes because part of her vacation was a business trip! 

(Be sure to ask your accountant how much you can write off when scheduling a VIP Coaching Day with me.) 

I’ve got a handful of VIP Day spots available in California and Hawaii in 2024. I look forward to helping you in either Hawaii or California! 

Find out more and sign up here for VIP Coaching Day with Kristin Morrison.

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