Episode 93. The Compulsion to Overwork

Many pet business owners are reevaluating their pet business as a result of going through the pandemic.

This coaching client, Susan H. that I’m working with on today’s podcast episode, is no exception. She reached out to me for a coaching session that she knew would be recorded for the podcast. She was very drawn to a certain experience that she read about in my book How to Recover from Pet Business Burnout.

The exercise is called Active Imagination and it was developed by Carl Jung, a Swiss psychoanalyst who began using this way of working with his patients when nothing else seemed to work.

For me – and for many of my coaching clients I’ve worked with, using Active Imagination to address challenging issues has been a game changer.

An important note before you start listening: if you’ve heard other coaching sessions on this podcast, this session is very different!

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