How to Recover from (and Move Beyond) Pet Business Burnout

Feeling fried? If you haven’t had a break in weeks, months or (gasp!) years, you’ll want to watch this. Thom Somes has an ultra-busy business: He leads pet CPR training classes across the country. If he can recover from business burnout with his big business and full travel schedule, anyone can! In this segment, you’ll learn what steps to take to avoid burnout in the first place. And, if burnout does catch up with you, you’ll learn what steps you can take now to manage stress (and then leave it behind). Many business owners think that burnout is simply a way of life for a business owner. It doesn’t have to be. This segment will help you get some freedom from burnout today.

Thom Somes

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • What pet business owners can do NOW to recover from burnout
  • How to find the antidote to stress and burnout from one unlikely action
  • What rats can teach us about recovering from stress and burnout
  • Mistakes that pet business owners make that lead to burnout and how to avoid them
  • And more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Thom has a heart of gold and a commitment to not only the health and well-being of pets everywhere but also the health and well-being of pet business owners everywhere. This guy is like a big-hearted Energizer Bunny: He’s got tons of energy, a sweet spirit and packs a lot into this half hour conversation. Enjoy!  

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Thom SomesThom Somes

Thom Somes also known as The Pet Safety Guy is the president and founder of Pet Tech Productions, the first International Training Center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats. Thom is a renowned author, speaker and trainer specifically in the field of health, wellness and safety for pets.

Thom’s career started in the medical field over 40 years ago in Michigan. He trained with the Michigan State Police and worked as an EMT for several ambulance services during college. After moving to California he worked at Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s Cardiac Training Center as an Affiliate Faculty for the American Heart Association. Additionally, he was an Instructor teaching human CPR, First Aid & AED trainings.

Sixteen years ago Thom went back to school and earned his Veterinary Assistant 1 & 2 and volunteered hundreds of hours at Pet Emergency Hospitals and Specialty Centers to merge the ideal world (Animal ER) with the real world (in the field). With the help of several veterinarians. Thom merged his passion for pets with teaching and medicine and created the premier Pet CPR, First Aid & Care Training programs on the planet. To date, Pet Tech has trained almost 1000 Instructors and 15 Master Instructors in 7 countries. Together our mission is “Improving the Quality of Pet’s Lives, One Pet Parent at a Time.™”

Thom is the author of Knowing Your Pet’s Health, A Guide to Optimal Wellness from Snout-To- Tail. 

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