How to Develop a Powerful Online Presence with Social Media

Feeling a bit confused about what social media sites to be on in a sea of so many? You aren’t alone! Therese and Danielle shine the flashlight of clarity on what works and what you shouldn’t waste your time on when it comes to social media.

Therese Kopiwoda

Danielle Lambert

In This Segment You’ll Learn:

  • Specific social media sites that pet business owners should be on
  • How to manage time effectively, so social media doesn’t take over your time
  • Topics that pet business owners should (and shouldn’t) post
  • Mistakes that pet business owners make when it comes to social media and how to easily remedy them
  • Tips for ease in managing social media
  • And much more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

These ladies know their social media. I found myself wanting to take notes as I was interviewing them! (But I held myself back.) They are both delightful and are able to talk about social media in plain English. This is a very rare skill with social media experts. Social media is often explained in ways that sound like it’s a foreign language. Hearing about it can often cause pet business owners’ eyes to pop out and steam to come out of their ears. Not with these gals. They keep social media simple. As it should be!   

PS – I’ve had many viewers ask what that green background is behind me in a lot of the videos. (And you’ll get a especially good look at my background in this video.) Well, do you remember Doughboy (above ground) pools? You don’t see them very often anymore but I have a very long and tall ‘bulletin board’ nailed to my office wall that is a long and tall piece from an actual Doughboy pool! (I also have an office desk and the desk top is made from a bowling alley lane but that’s another story.) So the Doughboy pool is my background in most of the videos. You may notice there’s a bit of rust at the top of the pool strip (aka my ‘bulletin board’) but that, to me, just adds to the charm and many happy memories of water sloshing over the pool sides as I swam around in my own Doughboy pool as a kid.

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Therese KopiwodaTherese Kopiwoda

Therese Kopiwoda has worked in online communities/social media for over 20 years, and uses her success to help other business owners grow their online presence. She is the founder of www.SocialMediaHound.com and currently works primarily with owners of pet businesses as a WordPress web designer and social media consultant. 

Therese operated her own pet sitting business for 10 years, and is the founder and former owner of PetsitUSA, which she grew into one of the top online pet sitter directories. She has been interviewed for several news articles, podcasts, and has spoken at conferences including SXSW and the former Cyber Sitters United. 

Danielle Lambert & ArcherDanielle Lambert

Danielle K. Lambert is a veterinary practice manager and the founder of SnoutSchool.com, a website dedicated to teaching social media to the veterinary industry. Danielle focuses on coaching veterinary businesses on social media in a practical way, based on her 3 years managing the social media presence at Quinebaug Valley Veterinary Hospital.  When she isn’t working or spending too much time on Pinterest, she enjoys hiking with her Brussels Griffon, Archer. 

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