Running Your Pet Business Remotely: How to Set Up Your Pet Business in Multiple Locations

Do you have dreams of having multiple branches of your pet businesses on opposite ends of the country or even in nearby towns or different parts of your state? Rita and Tiffany are two pet sitters who have done it! They each have two business branches based on two different coasts… the East Coast and the West Coast. And you can too. If your vision is to have your pet business set up in two or more locations, you’ll want to watch Tiffany and Rita share their challenges and delights about having a pet business in multiple locations. Hint: It’s not for sissies and it’s very rewarding!

Rita Reimers

Tiffany Reynolds

In This Segment You Will Learn:

  • The facts about running your business on opposite ends of the country from pet sitters who have successfully done it
  • Why recreating what you’ve already done in one location might not be enough
  • How to handle crises that arise in other locations far from where you are physically located
  • What technology is needed if you want to expand to locations far from your current business location
  • The challenges and gifts of having multiple locations
  • And more!

Kristin - MUSINGSKristin’s Musings:

Oh these wonderful ladies! They were both in the midst of very intense workweeks, yet they graciously made themselves available for you, conference attendees, and for me to interview them. Having worked with many pet business owners who wanted to (and did) set up their businesses in multiple locations, I knew that this was an important topic and an interview that needed to happen. I’m very grateful to both Rita and Tiffany for giving of their time and energy to make this interview happen even in the midst of their busy lives. (And each of them is an incredible and generous soul, which I imagine you will get from watching this segment.)

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Rita ReimersRita Reimers

Rita Reimers is a well-known Cat Behaviorist, offering nationwide cat behavior counseling services through her company, The Cat Analyst. She is Founding CEO of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, with locations in Beverly Hills CA and in Charlotte NC.

After the sudden death of her beloved cat Sadie, Rita shared her grief in her book “Sadie’s Heart; A Story of Pet Love, Loss, and Grief Recovery”. Her upcoming book “Oh Behave! The Cat Analyst’s Approach to Feline Behavior Correction” is due out in 2014. Rita has been featured in CAT FANCY, CATS USA ANNUAL, and KITTENS USA ANNUAL. 

Tiffany ReynoldsTiffany Reynolds

Always having a love of animals and wanting to provide the best care for them, Tiffany established Pet and Home Care, LLC in 1999, starting out on her own with only one client. Now, over fifteen years later, she has grown her clientele to over 2,500 and has over 30 employees and two locations. Pet and Home Care’s main branch is in Potomac, MD and they just launched the Los Angeles location. Tiffany takes great pride in offering the best pet and home care services available. Tiffany has also expanded the services that Pet and Home Care, LLC provides to include not only walks and in home visits, overnight care, doggy daycare and cage-less boarding, but to offer full service home care in Maryland as well. 

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