Episode 95. Navigating Pet Business and Life Challenges

Due to the pandemic and other challenges, many pet business owners are experiencing hard times in their business and their lives and are not quite sure where to turn and what to do. If this is you, you’re not alone as you’ll hear in today’s episode.

Today you’ll hear as I coach Florida pet sitter and dog walker Carla M. You’ll hear the struggles that she has been navigating lately including grief and depression about the recent changes she’s experienced in her business and her life. (Thanks for sharing so vulnerably and courageously with me and with the podcast listeners, Carla.)

Carla reached out to me for a coaching session that she knew would be recorded for the podcast. Some of you may know that I’m a Best Year Yet life coach in addition to being a pet business coach. What Carla most needed in today’s session was life coaching because her personal life was where she was most struggling, as you’ll hear in this session.

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