Episode #4: Interview with Kristin Morrison: Marketing For Pet Business Owners

Marketing. It’s a word that often causes pet business owners to groan. There are so many advertising options and a lot of those options are expensive. Google ad words. Pay-per-Click Advertising (also called PPC). Pet sitting directories. Online Yellow Page advertising. The list goes on and on of possible marketing options available to pet business owners. What really works though? What do you really need to do to have your business phone ring with new client calls month after month?
Alicia Dattner interviewed Kristin Morrison at the Prosperous Pet Business Online Conference in this podcast episode you’ll learn what works when it come to pet business marketing and what it takes to get more clients. Whether you are new to the world of pet business or you have had your pet business for years, you will learn exactly what you need to do to get your phone to ring!
To get the free list of websites to post your pet business information online that Kristin mentioned in this episode as well as access to the other items mentioned, visit the show notes at: www.ProsperousPetBusiness.com/podcast4