Episode 24. The Next 12 Months: Work Your Plan, Plan Your Work

Do you have a business and a life plan for this year? Not having a plan can be like steering a ship without a rudder. If you run your pet business without looking at the overall vision of what you most want to create or if you don’t write down a plan to create those goals, it probably won’t happen. (Or if it happens, it will happen by accident rather than on purpose.) If you want to learn an easy way to create a 12-month business and life plan, you won’t want to miss this episode.

In this segment, pet business coach Kristin Morrison shares her step-by-step goal setting plan to help you get clear about your next 12 months.

Visit the show notes page for a free goal setting workbook and other goodies: www.ProsperousPetBusiness.com/podcast24

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