Episode 22. Use the Millionaire Mindset to Create Pet Business Success

Want to make more money? So did Marc Allen. In this segment, he shares his journey from pauper to multi-millionaire in a frank and vulnerable way. Listen as he shares his empowering story about how he made more money with ease and how you can too. Making more money can be (and according to Marc, should be) fun.
If you want your brain to be blown and you’re ready to explore what’s possible when it comes to making (a lot) more money, you must listen to this segment. Kristin’s brain was vibrating with ideas and insight after this interview with Marc. Immediately after she interviewed him she sent his unedited interview to friends whom she knew were struggling with money issues. The subject line of her email to them was: “You Must Watch This Immediately”. (And a couple of those who did watch the video are already beginning to see a rise in their income. No joke!) This is a powerful segment. Only listen to this if you are ready to take your pet business to the next level.

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