Episode 138. Release the Overwhelm

This is Stephanie’s second coaching session. Her first session is Episode 137. If you haven’t already heard her first session, it’s recommended to listen to her first session before listening to this session.

Since the first coaching session, Stephanie has stopped spending time on social media since that took time and energy away from working on her passion project (the business she discussed in Episode 137). 

She’s now only allowing herself to post on social media when she’s accomplished something as a way to be accountable instead of a way to distract herself by getting lost down the rabbit hole of social media. 

As we explore what else is taking up her time and energy, we explore the three major areas of life and work right now: parenting her 5-year-old son, her dog walking business and teaching at a university. 

When she thinks about adding this passion project business to her already-full schedule it’s causing her to feel very overwhelmed. So, where does she go from here? What does she need to do to step away from the overwhelm to focus on what matters most to her?

You’ll find out in this coaching session!

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