Episode 136. Create Financial Awareness, Self-Esteem and Confidence

Today’s podcast coaching client is Kristen.

She boards dogs in her home and has three sons who keep her busy. She is going through a divorce and her soon-to-be ex-husband supported most her financial needs and now she needs to make more money in her dog boarding business. 

What becomes apparent as we begin this coaching session is that she needs to get clear how much she needs to make each month. We discuss the gifts that can happen when she does financial tracking and also the best way to track business and personal numbers. 

We also explore the goal setting process and why it’s important for Kristen to do and how her financial goals may positively impact her net profit.

We also discuss the glass ceiling and what can help her move beyond current financial blocks. 

On a personal level, one of Kristen’s barriers that has affected her self-esteem (and earning) is that her prior partner didn’t support her and in fact, put her down a lot. She experienced a lot of belittling from him, and it really wore down her self-esteem. Now that she’s out of that relationship and can see clearly, she needs to strengthen herself internally, cultivate confidence and self-esteem both while living her life and running her dog boarding business. 

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