Episode 134. Healing Hyper-Independence and Loneliness

This is an episode from my other podcast that is for all types of business owners called Business Pathfinder.

I wanted to share this episode with you, dear pet business owner, because I think you may find it helpful too. A lot of pet business owners suffer from what my coaching client in this session is struggling with here.

It’s my hope that if you also struggle with what my coaching client is grappling with, that hearing this session will help you – and perhaps even begin to help you heal, too.

My coaching client in this session is Alex. She is a software engineer and entrepreneur in Poland. She helps business owners master technology through a membership site she created called Tech Club.

Our conversation at the beginning of the session may at first seem like it’s not relevant to Alex’s business but as you listen, you’ll hear it sets the stage for where we end up going in this session. 

Alex is one of those entrepreneurs who “has really good starts” but after her initial success, her projects seem to fizzle out. 

We bring who we are into our business. If we’re not consciously aware of what we’ve learned about money and work from our parents and grandparents, we may unconsciously carry those parental beliefs that aren’t ours into our work.

This can also happen with childhood wounds that have not yet been healed – they can profoundly impact how we run our businesses, as you’ll hear is the case with Alex. 

Trigger warning: there’s a brief mention of suicidal thoughts in this episode, so please take loving care of yourself as you listen.

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