Episode 132. Learn to Delegate and Let Go

This is Part Two of my coaching session with Amy. If you haven’t yet heard Part One (Episode 131), I encourage you to listen to that first as it sets the stage for this session.

In Part One you heard Amy having a hard time detaching from her phone. In this session, you’ll hear how hard it is for her to delegate and let go to an office manager or admin assistant and other staff members.

If you can relate to this (and I know a lot of you can!), this episode is for you!

Thanks to Amy for being willing to be so open, authentic and vulnerable in both of her coaching sessions with me.

We cover topics in these two sessions that a lot of pet business owners struggle with and I feel grateful she was able to show up so courageously in order to not only get help for herself but also help those of you who struggle with this similar issue.

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