Episode 129. Pricing Pet Services and Embodying Your Value

Brionna provides pet care services including vacation visits and mobile nail trims and she’s having a difficult time determining how to price her services. She often feels awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to stating how much she charges. Even though she will tell clients her highest rate, she will often back pedal if a client protests that her rate is too high. Sometimes she’ll voluntarily offer a discount even when they don’t say a word about her price!

This pattern of not charging what she believes her time and energy are worth is creating resentment toward her business and disappointment in herself. Brionna needs help getting out of this disempowering cycle.

In this business coaching session, you’ll join us as we go on a wild ride that starts with a left-brain process of Brionna discovering exactly how to price her services, so they feel good to her and aren’t too high or too low. The session ends in a surprising right brain way for both of us as I put on my life coach hat to help Brionna discover how to fully embody the value she’s bringing to her clients so she can then confidently state her rates.

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