Episode 126. Expanding Pet Services to Include Products

In today’s coaching session I’m working with Gabrielle, a pet sitter in Post Falls, Idaho. 

Gabrielle has expanded her pet sitting service company to include providing dog treats, items like training treats and large and small peanut butter biscuits. 

Gabrielle wants to expand the treat portion of her business and eventually add other services so her company can be a “one stop shop” for pet owners. 

And, though she is passionate about expanding and growing in new ways, she also wants to protect her mental health in the process and not burn herself out so that’s part two of this session which you can hear at episode 127.

This session went in a direction both of us did not see coming. That’s one of the experiences I love most about coaching – when both me and the client I’m working with can get out of the way of what most wants to arise in the session, magic can occur.

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