Episode 124. How to Cultivate Friendships to Create a Well-Rounded Life

Today’s episode is an interview Alex Anderson recently did with me on her podcast, Friendship IRL. Originally, our idea was to talk about how to make business friends, but our conversation quickly became so much more. We focused especially on intentional everyday actions we need to take to build the kinds of connections we want in our lives. 

Friendship, social connection, community, – these are all important contributors to a sense of well-being. There will be ups and downs as we navigate friendship, especially if we are rusty when it comes to cultivating friendships – and that’s okay! Taking even one small action a day toward friendship and connection can lead to feelings of contentment, positive self-regard and fulfillment. And those feelings help us begin to create a well-rounded life that is worth living. 

So, listen in and discover how you can begin to take important friendship actions now – even as a very busy business owner.

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