Episode 121. Calm Your Mind, Change Your Business, Part Two

This is part two, so if you haven’t yet listened to part one, I encourage you to listen to the prior episode before listening to this episode.

Lois started her dog walking and dog training business while still working her corporate job. She walked and trained dogs on her lunch break and before and after her corporate job!

After a while, she realized that she was making more money walking dogs than working in her corporate job as an accountant.

So, she started her dog walking business and then after she started her business, she’s become a workaholic! It’s also been scary for her to let go of job security and to trust herself and her business.

Often coaching sessions end up at a destination that surprises both me and the coaching client I’m working with, and this session is no exception! You may be surprised, like we were, about where this session ends up.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the conclusion to this session with Lois.

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