Episode 119. Grow Your Pet Business and Create Client Accountability

Jodi is a dog trainer who wants to expand her dog training business. She is having a hard time having her clients follow through on the homework she gives them. Like a lot of business owners, Jodi is an idea generator and a visionary! These are great qualities to have as a business owner, but for her ideas to come to fruition they also need to be implemented!

In this coaching session you’ll hear how Jodi, like her clients, also needs methods to help her stay accountable so she can accomplish the many business and personal life tasks on her to do list.

Even if you’re not a dog trainer but rather a pet sitter, dog walker, dog daycare owner or pet groomer or some other business owner, when you listen to this coaching session, you’re likely to gain a lot of ideas (and strategies for how to accomplish those ideas). We cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time so slip on your headphones or ear buds and step into my coaching office to be a fly on the wall in this session.

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