Episode 113. How to Create Company Culture in Your Pet Business

Susan Kaplan from BeLoved Pet Sitting is a pet sitter in San Diego. In her coaching session today, she is bringing up a question that I’ve never been asked before on the podcast: How to create positive company culture. 

Company culture is something that is often discussed in a lot in tech companies but rarely is it looked at by small, service-based business owners and it’s important! I was impressed that this is a concern of Susan’s, because it’s important for staff retention and workplace happiness. 

Company culture is not a one-size-fits-all experience. When you explore this topic in your business, you want to explore what do you want, what does your staff want, and how can you make working with your company more enjoyable to increase staff retention and workplace happiness. 

In this session we explore this and how to ask your staff crucial questions and what types of questions to ask them in order to have them help you create positive company culture.

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