Episode 110. Create a Business Schedule You Love

Today’s coaching session is with Donna, a pet sitter and dog walker in Tennessee. 

She has owned her business for a few years and she’s struggling with creating a schedule that works for her and her full personal life with family and many pets. (Donna wins the award for the pet business owner I’ve coached who has the most dogs – she has 9 dogs!)  

In this episode you’ll hear how she can learn to say no to clients because saying no is a learned behavior and often doesn’t come naturally to pet pros. She’s pretzeled herself to accommodate her beloved clients and like a lot of pet professionals, she needs to put some of that energy and attention toward herself, her family and her own dogs. 

You’ll also hear about how both Donna and I took a break from social media and how that positively impacted our lives and how taking a social media break may help you too. Plus a lot of other questions, challenges and business issues were covered in this session. You’re sure to be able to relate to some or all of this coaching session with Donna!

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