Episode 100. Podcast Coaching Updates

The podcast is 100 today!

To celebrate the podcast turning 100, I invited the pet business owners I coached on the last 7 episodes to be on the podcast.

Today you’ll hear 5 of those 7 pet business owners share what actions they took after they got coached by me on the podcast and where they are at now in their businesses and personal lives. (The two who couldn’t make it for today’s episode really wanted to, but one had COVID and the other had internet issues.)

A heartfelt and very special thank you to the pet business owners who are on today’s episode: 
Susan Hurst, Kaitlyn Argiro, Carly Neufeld, Stephanie Hickey, and Kelsey Olsen. Visit the show notes page to find out what prior episode each were on.

Visit the show notes page: 

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